Loading partial menus

Menus are plain text files with the .cui extension. There are main menus, for instance BricsCAD's default.cui, and partial menus. Partial menus are used to store menu customizations. It is possible to automatically load Lisp files with a (partial) menu (see here) and some of the programs on this website use this feature.

Although the loading and unloading of menu files is very reliable it is advisable to always make a backup of existing customizations before loading a (partial) menu file. BricsCAD provides a backup for the default.cui.

Loading a partial menu file

To load a partial menu file in BricsCAD type _Customize in the command bar and choose: File > Load partial menu file. Then browse to the menu file and select it.

Some (partial) menu files come with additional files such as image files, a .dll or .resz file (in which images can be stored) and an .mnl file. Programs with a partial menu that can be downloaded from this website also use a .des file. This is the encrypted Lisp file containing the main program. All files belonging to a menu (usually) must be put in the same folder as the menu file. This folder does not have to be in the search path.

Note that if your main menu file is the BricsCAD default.cui, and you use the new default.cui that comes with each BricsCAD update, you will have to reload all partial menus.

Unloading a partial menu file

To unload a partial menu file in BricsCAD type _Customize in the command bar and on the Menu tab right click the partial menu you wish to unload and choose: Unload.