Version 20160307 (freeware).
Works on BricsCAD V14.2 and higher for Windows®.
By downloading the .zip file you agree to the EULA for free software (freeware).

Download link: BKG_TableData.zip (< 30kB)


BKG_TableData offers commands to change and create tables. The commands use the clipboard to copy and paste (spreadsheet) data. Data is copied as tab separated text which most spreadsheet programs will be able to handle.

Available commands


BKG_TableDataNew or BTDN
Creates a table from clipboard data.

BKG_TableDataCut or BTDX
Cuts table data to the clipboard.

BKG_TableDataCopy or BTDC
Copies table data to the clipboard.

BKG_TableDataPaste or BTDP or BTDV
Pastes clipboard data in a table.

BKG_TableDataErase or BTDE
Erases data from a table.

BKG_TableDataResize or BTDR
Resizes table columns.

Some commands will prompt you to select one or two points to define a rectangular cell range. If you want to select all table cells there is no need to select points and you can just press enter.

Installing the program

With the menu file

Unpack all files from the .zip file in a single folder, which does not have to be in the search path, and follow the instructions you can find here.

Without the menu file

Unpack BKG_TableData.des from the .zip file in a folder in the search path and follow the instructions you can find here.

What is new

Version 20160307:
  • Improved: The alignment of the dialog has been updated to match changes in the BricsCAD DCL implementation.
Version 20151016:
  • Added: New command: BKG_TableDataResize.
  • Improved: BKG_TableDataPaste now adds rows and/or columns if the table is too small for the data. And after pasting the width of the columns in the table is recalculated.
  • Improved: BKG_TableDataNew can now create tables in any UCS.
  • Changed: Multiple internal changes.
Version 20141107:
  • Fixed: A text display bug in the BricsCAD V15 DCL (dialog) implementation required a small change.
Version 20141027:
  • Changed: Minor internal changes.
Version 20140723:
  • Changed: The icons are now stored in a .resz file.
Version 20131204:
  • Fixed: The stricter Lisp-engine of BricsCAD V14.1.09 and higher prevented the loading of the previous version.
Version 20131102:
  • Added: Large icons for BricsCAD V14.
Version 20130930:
  • Changed: Multiple internal changes.
Version 20120521:
  • Improved: Using functions from BricsCAD's new Lisp-engine (available since V12.2.5) creating and changing tables has become much faster.
  • Fixed: A Lisp bug in BricsCAD V12.2.7 required some workarounds.
Version 20120411:
  • Fixed: The stricter Lisp-engine of BricsCAD V12.2 Beta showed up two flaws in the code for BKG_TableDataNew that caused the Lisp program to crash in that version.
Version 20120317:
  • Improved: All commands that work on existing tables now also accept a preselection.
  • Changed: Multiple internal changes.
Version 20111228:
  • Added: New command: BKG_TableDataNew.
  • Fixed: There was a data problem if the clipboard did not contain useful data.
  • Fixed: The commands would not work on a single row or single column cell range.
Version 20111220:
  • First public version.