Version 20180302 (freeware).
Works on BricsCAD V18.1.09 and higher for Windows®.
By downloading the .zip file you agree to the EULA for free software (freeware).

Download link: BKG_Settings.zip (< 10kB)

With BKG_Settings you can import and compare settings from a .csv file created with the BricsCAD _Settings command. It can be a great time-saver whenever you have to analyze unexpected behavior in a drawing or on a CAD station.

Available commands

BKG_SettingsImport or BSEI
Imports settings from a .csv file.
Only settings that are not drawing related will be imported.

BKG_SettingsCompare or BSEC
Compares the current settings with those in a .csv files.

Installing the program

Unpack BKG_Settings.des from the .zip file in a folder in the search path and follow the instructions you can find here.

What is new

Version 20180302:
  • First public version.