Version 20190216 (freeware).
Works on BricsCAD V17.2.03 and higher for Windows®.
By downloading the .zip file you agree to the EULA for free software (freeware).

Download link: BKG_SelectSimilar.zip (< 30kB)


BKG_SelectSimilar is a program to select similar entities in a drawing. It can be accessed by typing 'BKG_SelectSimilar or 'BSSI.

If you have preselected ('gripped') a single entity and start the program, the entity is used as the base entity for BKG_SelectSimilar. If more entities have been preselected you are prompted to select a base entity and the results of BKG_SelectSimilar are added to the existing selection.

Inside a command you can use BKG_SelectSimilar to create a selection set, or to add to or subtract from (type -) a previous selection set. To select similar entities inside a window first use the program to select all similar entities and then type - followed by _O or _Outside to deselect all entities outside the desired window.

The 'Visible' filter option can be used to avoid selecting entities that are invisible as a result of using the _IsolateObjects command.

Installing the program

Unpack BKG_SelectSimilar.des from the .zip file in a folder in the search path and follow the instructions you can find here.

What is new

Version 20190216:
  • Improved: The program now treats block references that represent component instances as separate objects.
  • Fixed: Associative arrays were not selected if the 'Annotative' filter option was checked.
  • Fixed: Sub-entities in an existing selection set were replaced by their parent entities.
  • Changed: Minor internal changes.
Version 20180622:
  • Added: 'Material' option.
  • Improved: Minor changes to the layout of the dialog.
Version 20180213:
  • Improved: The program can now handle associative arrays.
  • Fixed: Child dimension style names were displayed with a '$'.
  • Changed: The 'Entity name' option is now the first in the dialog.
  • Changed: Several internal changes.
Version 20170526:
  • Added: 'Visible' option.
  • Changed: Reordered the options in the dialog.
  • Changed: Minor internal changes.
Version 20170319:
  • Fixed: Special characters (#*.@[]~) in layout names could lead to unexpected results.
  • Fixed: A problem with the vl-filename-extension function required a workaround.
  • Changed: Minor internal changes.
Version 20151111:
  • Added: 'Transparency' option (also works on BricsCAD V13-V15).
  • Changed: The 'Uncheck all' and 'Check all' buttons have been relabeled to 'None' and 'All'.
  • Changed: Multiple internal changes.
Version 20141027:
  • Fixed: The Lisp function used to create selection sets will be changed in BricsCAD V15. BKG_SelectSimilar can now handle both the old and the new version of this function.
Version 20140409:
  • Changed: The 'Deselect all' and 'Select all' buttons have been relabeled to 'Uncheck all' and 'Check all'.
  • Fixed: A text truncate bug in the BricsCAD V14 DCL (dialog) implementation required a workaround.
  • Fixed: Special characters (#*.@[]~) in name values could lead to unexpected results.
Version 20131204:
  • Fixed: The stricter Lisp-engine of BricsCAD V14.1.09 and higher prevented the loading of the previous version.
Version 20131112:
  • Fixed: Based on the 'Entity name' option the availability of three other options would change. This behavior could be confusing, and annoying, and has therefore been removed.
Version 20131108:
  • Added: 'Annotative' option (also works on BricsCAD V13).
  • Added: 'Deselect all' and 'Select all' buttons.
  • Improved: Enhanced support for a number of entities.
  • Fixed: With version 20130409 a problem was introduced. The 'Entity name' option was not specific enough. For example if the entity name was 'Circle', arc entities (programmatically a subcategory of circles) would also be selected.
Version 20131021:
  • Improved: BKG_SelectSimilar is now compatible with the Linux version of BricsCAD.
  • Removed: The download no longer contains a menu and menu related files.
Version 20130815:
  • Changed: Multiple internal changes.
Version 20130430:
  • Changed: Multiple internal changes.
Version 20130409:
  • Improved: A number of workarounds required for previous BricsCAD versions have been removed. As a result the program is more efficient.
  • Fixed: With version 20120423 a problem was introduced. Multiple preselected entities were deselected when the program was started. As a consequence of fixing this problem you can no longer use _PREVIOUS to select the base entity.
  • Fixed: RText entities containing Diesel expressions would always be deselected if the 'Referenced name' option was selected, even if there was no referenced name.
  • Removed: The customized Edit context menu has been removed from the menu file.
Version 20120706:
  • Fixed: The PICKSTYLE was not restored if a command was canceled or failed.
Version 20120522:
  • Fixed: There was a fault in the workaround of version 20120521.
Version 20120521:
  • Fixed: A Lisp bug in BricsCAD V12.2.7 required some workarounds.
Version 20120423:
  • Improved: You can now also use _PREVIOUS to select the base entity.
  • Changed: Multiple internal changes. The program is 'Beta' again.
Version 20111121:
  • Improved: Enhanced support for a number of entities.
  • Improved: The 'Entity style' and 'Referenced name' options are only available if they make sense.
  • Fixed: If necessary group selection (PICKSTYLE) is temporarily switched off to avoid including group elements that do not meet the filter criteria. The PICKSTYLE setting is restored to its old value after the BricsCAD command finishes.
Version 20110724:
  • Fixed: Entities on layers that are switched off could not be selected. Because inserts on those layers can be visible this is not logical.
  • Fixed: When working in an active floating viewport paper space entities were selected instead of model space entities.
Version 20110603:
  • First public version.