Version 20141107 (freeware).
Works on BricsCAD V13 and higher for Windows® and on BricsCAD V13.2.13 and higher for Linux®.
By downloading the .zip file you agree to the EULA for free software (freeware).

Download link: BKG_Rtext.zip (< 10kB)

What are rtexts?

Rtext entities (sometimes called Remote or Reactive text entities) look like normal text or mtext entities but either reference the content of a text file or display the result of a Diesel expression.

Diesel expressions

Here are five useful Diesel expressions to experiment with:

$(edtime,0,dddd"," d month yyyy)
$(edtime,0,hh:mm ddd dd-mo-yyyy)
$(getvar,dwgprefix)$(getvar,dwgname) - $(getvar,ctab)

To learn more about Diesel go to the BricsCAD Developer Reference.

Certain BricsCAD V14 versions suffer from a text input bug. In those versions Diesel text input is rejected. As a workaround you can also enter Diesel expressions without the leading '$' character.

Available commands

BKG_Rtext or BRT
Creates an rtext.

BKG_RtextEdit or BRTE
Edits an rtext.

BKG_RtextUpdate or BRTU
Updates rtexts.

BKG_RtextUpdate is there for a reason. BricsCAD offers limited support for rtext entities and will only update them on the opening of .dwg files. For example, if you are editing a text file that is used by an rtext in the current drawing, and you want the new content to be displayed, you have to either save and reopen the .dwg file or use this command.

Please note that the commands that edit and update rtexts actually create new entities and delete the old ones. This is required to avoid problems with _Undo and _Redo.

Installing the program

Unpack BKG_Rtext.des from the .zip file in a folder in the search path and follow the instructions you can find here.

What is new

Version 20141107:
  • Fixed: There were two errors in the workaround of version 20141028.
Version 20141028:
  • Fixed: Introduced a workaround for a BricsCAD V14 text input bug.
Version 20131204:
  • Fixed: The stricter Lisp-engine of BricsCAD V14.1.09 and higher prevented the loading of the previous version.
Version 20131013:
  • Improved: BKG_Rtext is now compatible with the Linux version of BricsCAD.
Version 20130819:
  • Changed: Multiple internal changes.
Version 20120521:
  • Fixed: A Lisp bug in BricsCAD V12.2.7 required some workarounds.
Version 20120412:
  • Improved: BKG_RtextEdit will always create a new and updated entity. Even if you press enter to accept the original input.
  • Improved: BKG_RtextEdit and BKG_RtextUpdate now also accept a preselection.
  • Fixed: BKG_Rtext wrongly allowed inline mtext sequences. If a Diesel expression returned a path like "D:\Lisp", the "\L" portion was dropped from the text and interpreted as an mtext underline sequence.
  • Fixed: The properties of new entities created by the BKG_RtextEdit and BKG_RtextUpdate commands did not always match the original entities. The settings of one or more drawing variables could be used for the new entities.
  • Fixed: The handling of relative paths was not correct and as a result the absolute path was always used.
  • Changed: Multiple internal changes.
  • Removed: The command BKG_RtextUpdateAll has been removed. Using BKG_RtextUpdate and _ALL to select all entities, accomplishes the same.
Version 20110721:
  • Improved: Just like with the normal _TEXT command you can now change the text style when you use BKG_Rtext.
Version 20110718:
  • Improved: It is also possible to enter a file name in the command bar. This is useful if you want to create rtexts using a script or macro. As a consequence selecting a file has become the default option.
  • Improved: There is a choice between storing the absolute or relative path of a file.
Version 20110708:
  • First public version.