Version 20180327 (freeware).
Works on BricsCAD V16 and higher for Windows®.
By downloading the .zip file you agree to the EULA for free software (freeware).

Download link: BKG_PinMenu.zip (< 15kB)


BKG_PinMenu adds a submenu to the File menu for easy drawing access. The menu resembles the 'Recent files' list, but you control which files are added to the menu and their order.

Available commands

BKG_PinMenuAddCur or BPMA
Adds the current drawing to the menu.

BKG_PinMenuRemoveCur or BPMR
Removes the current drawing from the menu.

BKG_PinMenuCheck or BPMC
Removes all drawings that cannot be found from the menu.

BKG_PinMenuEdit or BPME
Displays a dialog to edit the drawing list.

BKG_PinMenuUninstall or BPMU
Removes the menu, cleans up the registry and deletes the BKG_PinMenu folder. The load option selected when installing the program has to be undone manually.

Installing the program

Unpack BKG_PinMenu.des from the .zip file in a folder in the search path and follow the instructions you can find here. It is important that this program is loaded automatically.

What is new

Version 20180327:
  • First public version.