Version 20180823 (freeware).
Works on BricsCAD V14 and higher for Windows®. May work on other versions.
By downloading the .zip file you agree to the EULA for free software (freeware).

Download link: BKG_CleanView.zip (< 10kB)

BKG_CleanView is a program to clean up exported ViewBase views. It removes all overlapping (portions) of lines, arcs and circles. It is similar to the _OverKill command. But, contrary to that command, it relies on a layer-based priority order and will only merge entities if they are on the same layer.

BKG_CleanView will process lines, arcs and circles on the layers listed below. The order of the list is the same as the program's priority order, with the first layer having the highest priority.


The command is called BKG_CleanView or BCV for short. Before using it you need to _Explode the exported ViewBase blocks. Applying the _Flatten command is also advisable as the program will only process entities in the XY-plane of the WCS.

Installing the program

Unpack BKG_CleanView.des from the .zip file in a folder in the search path and follow the instructions you can find here.

What is new

Version 20180823:
  • First public version.