Version 20181129 (freeware).
Works on BricsCAD V13 and higher for Windows®.
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Download link: BKG_3dText.zip (< 15kB)


BKG_3dText is a program to create 3D solids from texts and mtexts.

The command is called BKG_3dText or B3DT for short.

Some hints

Avoid TTF fonts if you use BricsCAD V13-V18

The program can handle both SHX and TTF fonts. But on BricsCAD V13-V18 curves in TTF fonts will result in solids with a huge number of faces. For those BricsCAD versions the advice is to only select (m)texts that use an SHX font.

Pay attention to mtext font formatting

The program can only handle mtexts that either use only SHX fonts or only TTF fonts. The style of the mtext is used to determine how the mtext is processed. You should be aware of this when you select an mtext that has font formatting.

Installing the program

Unpack BKG_3dText.des from the .zip file in a folder in the search path and follow the instructions you can find here.

What is new

Version 20181129:
  • Improved: The code was modified to make use of optimizations introduced in BricsCAD V19. Solids created from TTF letters now have splined faces.
  • Fixed: The detection of nested contours was flawed.
Version 20180228:
  • First public version.